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Back-end Game Developer

As Back-end Developer at arkavis you’ll work inside of a Scrum team to create and update the next generation of mobile multiplayer games. You take responsibility for making the games work smoothly and free of bugs and get a lot of freedom in doing so.
You will be developing server technology, interfacing with databases as well as the client side libraries that connect to it.

Plan, Estimate and Deliver on sprint commitments
Keep the game in a shippable state at end of each sprint
Find solutions for technical issues and reduce bugs
Create new features and fix bugs on live games

Role Competencies
Work well in a small multidisciplinary Scrum team
Create and maintain a well structured codebase for the project
Review code of team members and provide feedback
Create accurate time estimates
Rigorously hunt down and fix bugs, even when others created them
Think critically, and apply analytical skills in resolving complex issues
Quickly master proprietary tools and development processes

About arkavis
We believe the best games are those that bring people together, to compete, collaborate, share their passion and bond with each other and the game.

We believe such communion of players is not only the best instrument to acquire new players, but also what engages them most and binds them long term.

At arkavis we call this the REAL social gaming and that’s what we strive to create in our games.

that’s why

Min skills:

  • 2+ years experience with server side development
  • Understanding of C#
  • Deep understanding of SQL databases
  • Deep understanding of noSQL databases
  • Experience with source control systems especially git
  • Not afraid to explore new technology
  • Fluent in English (reading, writing, talking)
  • High personal standards as demonstrated in quality and pride of work
  • Self-motivated and Get-Things-Done attitude
  • Able to work full time at our studio in Bangkok

Bonus skills:

  • Familiar with other programming languages on the server side.
  • Familiar with Scrum and worked in a Scrum team before
  • Some knowledge of Unity3D
  • Experience developing network game play
  • Experience with dynamic languages (Ruby, Python, … )
  • Linux knowledge is a plus


  • Young and highly motivated team
  • Agile development process
  • Challenging work in an exciting and fast growing industry
  • Comfy work environment in a quiet and green part of town just 15min from downtown
  • Live and work in Bangkok, Thailand - the city of angels with a low cost of living and a high quality of life

Salary range: doe